How the Deluxe Combo Strategy Revealed

We have been working in the software industry since 2008. When we started the first trading activities, we would open up the position according to the current feelings and support resistances and constantly lose. Then we met the indicators over time. We added individual indicators to the charts and started trading according to the signals given by the indicators. But we noticed that some indicators are buying, while others are selling. There was this aspect of a job that as a human, it was very hard for us to examine more than 4-5 indicators at the same time.

After meeting Tradingview, we discovered the pine script language. With this language, you can write strategies on the indicators you want. So we thought. Let's collect the main indicators and oscillators that people follow manually in a script. Instead of people checking the script, if all of them generate signals in the direction of purchase or sale, warn the user. Kenan's Deluxe Combo IndicaHow the Deluxe Combo Strategy Revealedtor Strategy came out when we realized this idea. We hope it will be useful ... Respect and respect ...

User comments

Erkan Ş.

I stopped watching graphics constantly. Just set up an alarm with Combo

Tarık B.

I don't think I will be in reverse anymore.

Samet G.

I trade while I'm sleeping with the Deluxe combo and Alertatron bot

Yalçın T.

I no longer have any doubts about where to pose when looking at stocks.

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