How does it work

This is a kind of combo strategy. Ema 9/21/50, Macd, Macd Dema, Ichimoku, Dmi, Stochastic, Aroon, Bollinger Band, Rsi, Chande Momentum Oscillator, Exponential Ease of Movement (Eom), Klinger Oscillator, Stochastic RSI, Ultimate Oscillator, Woodies CCI, There are 19 indicators in total including Rate Of Change Lenght (Roc) oscillator, WaveTrend Oscillator, Ehlers Adaptive CG Indicator, Insync Index.

Under normal circumstances, people open positions when they look at dozens of indicators and they all signal. We decided to save people from this trouble and combine certain indicators in a strategy. Classic cross strategies all give a lot of signal. Some of these signals are unnecessary and false signals. By combining leading indicators. We minimized false signals.

Indicators and oscillators included in Kenan's Deluxe Combo Indicator Strategy

1. Ema 9/21/50
2. Macd
3. Macd Dema
4. Ichimoku
5. Dmi
6. Stochastic
7. Aroon
8. Bollinger Band
9. Rsi
10. Chande Momentum Oscillator
11. Exponential Ease of Movement ( Eom )
12. Klinger Oscillator
13. Stochastic RSI
14. Ultimate Oscillator
15. Woodies CCI
16. Rate Of Change Lenght( Roc ) oscillator
17. WaveTrend Oscillator
18. Ehlers Adaptive CG Indicator
19. Insync Index.

Kenan's Deluxe Combo Indicator Strategy works as follows.

The script works in a certain order while running. First, it waits for the receive signal from the moving averages and after the receive signal comes, it waits for the signal from the other indicators respectively. It generates a long (long) signal on the chart after confirmation from the other 18 indicators and oscillators. Under normal conditions, people do this method manually. But the following problem arises here. Some indicators buy, while others sell. Our aim was to open the transaction when all of them gave a buy / sell signal.

Kenan's Deluxe Combo Indicator Strategy

Kenan's Deluxe Combo Indicator Alert Script(For Alarms and Bots)

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Automatic trading with Alertatron bot and Kenan's Deluxe Combo Indicator

Key Features

Popular Indicators

Combo strategy was created by combining the most used indicators of the world.

High Net Profit

Bactest result from 2019 with 2556.17% net earnings

Outstanding Bot Support

Trade 24/7 with Alertatron or autoview bot support

Take Profit and Stop Options

Protect your capital with Rsi, Bollinger, Trailing stop or Stop Loss options

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For any questions about strategy and bots, you can contact us without hesitation.


The results listed above or in my marketing material are not typical and are the result of years of education, experimentation and learning from mistakes. These figures and results are used especially as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.

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